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Motu Patlu is cartoon series by Nickelodeon in Pakistan and India, launched on 16 Oct 2012, which is motivated by Lot Pot Comic cartoon. Potu Aur Patlu characters are created by Kripa Bhardwaj, He also made all its characters like Jhatka Singh, Policeman Sir Chingum, John the Don, Chiwala (Samosa maker), Sabzi wali, Bubble Gum, Ghasitaram, Boxer, Hera Singh and more.

Here is the way to play free Motu Patlu games, Like cricket, champion games, running games, jumping, cricket academy, saving the animals, shooting boxer, king of Kings, Jungle and more.

We are trying to add some more Motu Patlu Fighting and Racing Games for mobile and PC. So, until now, you can play current games, which were added recently like Motu Finding Somosa game, flying Motu game and so many. Check out the new fight games between motu and patlu free. You might like our new cricket games as well.

Motu Patlu is the one of popular series of a cartoon that is produced by Nick. It has many characters like Motu, Patlu, Doctor Jhatka, Samosa & Chaiwala, Sabzi Wali, Inspector Chingam, John the Don, and his companions. The story becomes popular and becomes one of the favorites among the kids. After gaining the popularity, they have targeted the Motu Patlu game, and these are also becoming viral. Here are some famous and adventurous Motu and Patlu games: